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    COLICHÓN, HG, CIVIL PARTNERSHIP, independent accountants and auditors, is an established and registered body corporate in the file No. 2086 and registration form Nr. 01742,701 of “Registro Públicos de Lima in April 1987”.
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  • Financial statements audit & outsourcing

    With the purpose of issuing a professional opinion, our firm carries out financial exams to see if these are appropriately made and then they are presented as the financial condition of a company, the operation’s results of said company, and the changes in its cash flow according to accounting principles.

  • Tax Consulting & Outsourcing

    Our firm has a Tax Consulting Department that provides tax services with the purpose of helping to the clients in their tax planning.

    Tax Consulting Department advises to Audit Department when this department requires its services for the financial statement exams.


Everything we can do for you

Financial Audit

The Financial Audit is intended to provide a reasonable assurance over the accuracy of the financial statements in order to express an opinion about its veracity and fairness.

Tax Services

Our objective is to support our clients with professional and personalized services to understand and reduce their tax burden.

Management Consulting

We help our clients to improve their performance, analyzing and identifying areas that are affecting the organization negatively and develop practical strategies and solutions.

Transfer Pricing

The application of transfer pricing rules by SUNAT is becoming more specialized and it is expected that they will increase its audit reviews during the coming years.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

Our outsourcing services permit our clients in their business planning as a strategy.

Inventory Services

For years, we have been servicing business in different industries with the highest level of professionalism and excellent customer services.

IFRS Conversion

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of international accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).


We connect you with the most important institutions in Perú

INAA Group

International Network of Accountants and Auditors

INAA is an organization whose name is known and respected. This organization has members in the leader countries providing to clients a high quality in its international relationships.

INAA promotes international cooperation, technical support, and work reference among its clients.

INAA is a membership of accountants and audits with a great expansion in the world. The members are the progressive, open and democratic part of an organization in which they are free to participate in a greater or lesser magnitude. The members are benefited from an increasing workload of high quality reference.

INAA success is for offering active platform of international cooperation and references of work among members.

Audits and other tasks in the professional area of financial and economic accounting



What our customers say

Nos complace compartir nuestro testimonio respecto al excelente trabajo realizado por Colichon Consultores. Realmente cumplió ampliamente con nuestras expectativas brindando un trabajo muy profesional y un excelente asesoramiento.

Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez,

Para nosotros ha sido un placer trabajar con Colichon Consultores, destaco el esfuerzo, la excelente disposición y trato de todo el equipo que cuenta con una calidad impresionante.

Yesica Vargas
Yesica Vargas,

Contratamos los servicios de Colichon Consultores y recibimos además de un asesoramiento integral, una excelente atención profesional. Cubrimos los puntos requeridos para nuestro sector, colmando ampliamente nuestras expectativas.

Melissa Ordoñez
Melissa Ordoñez,